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Spider Impact

Amp Up Your Strategy

Maximize your business performance through data visualization, team alignment, communication, and robust initiative management. 

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Get on-demand organizational performance data from any perspective you desire. Spider Impact’s limitless dashboards, strategy maps, scorecards, briefing books, reports, and more make it easy to see how your organization is performing. 

Strategy Map

Define and track your strategic initiatives at all levels of the organization. Spider Impact helps identify underperforming initiatives in real-time, enabling you to make adjustments or reinvest valuable resources to achieve desired performance.

Flexible Deployment Options

Spider Impact is offered in multiple deployment models. Choose a SaaS solution or self-host.

Anytime, Anywhere Accessibility

Access your performance metrics whether you’re using your laptop or your mobile devices.

Data Sharing Made Simple

Assemble strategy maps, reports, and dashboards into a shareable, multi-slide briefing.

Built By The Best

Developed and supported by Spider Strategies, Spider Impact is marketed by BSI.

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