What is A KPI?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the critical (key) indicators of progress toward an intended result. They help you understand if you are achieving your goals. KPIs create an analytical basis for decision making and help focus attention on what matters most. KPIs:

  • Are used to improve performance and achieve goals
  • Focus attention on what matters
  • Provide evidence to inform decision making
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KPI Professional Certification


The KPI Professional Certification can now be gained via a virtual offering! Experience the entire program as a series of webinars, facilitated group activities, and an online exam. All sessions, including small group exercises, will be facilitated by an expert facilitating consultant.

This course is designed to help participants understand the fundamentals of performance management, then successfully develop, deploy, and manage meaningful KPIs for strategic, operational, or program management.

KPI Development Best Practices


Developing meaningful KPIs is both an art and a science, involving a deep understanding of what to measure, how to measure, how to analyze performance information, how to report and clearly inform others regarding desired results and performance, and how to use the information to make better decisions. The MPRA methodology gives organizations a way to systematically:

  • Improve managers' and employees' perception of the value and importance of measuring performance
  • Lift the skill level of managers and employees in selecting meaningful measures and using those measures to make better informed decision
  • Use KPIs to build individual and collective accountability for results
  • Establish long-term discipline around getting things done

Thought Leadership

KPI.org is a free online resource for those dedicated to improving performance through the use of KPIs. KPI.org is sponsored by the Balanced Scorecard Institute.

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Our consulting services are designed to provide you with the confidence that your KPI development and implementation will be a success.

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Training and Certification

Our KPI certification programs, offered in association with the George Washington University Center for Excellence in Public Leadership, give KPI practitioners the tools they need to succeed.

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KPIs: What They Are and Why Your Organization Needs Them


Many managers we talk to are embarrassed by the way their organization measures and reports their performance. But why? Most agree that performance measurement is a foundational element of good management and a key to success. Surprisingly, most struggle to:

  • Easily find meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Get true buy-in to performance measurement
  • Strongly align measures to strategy
  • Use measures to drive improvement


  • "I cannot thank you enough for arming and empowering us with this powerful tool. This is the single most useful training I have ever had. You are wonderful teachers who have made such a seemingly complex subject so simple, clear and easy to apply. "
    Elias Kedir, United Nations

  • "The KPI Program was an enriching learning experience. The case studies and peer interactions helped to turn theory into practice."
    Constellation Energy Director of Business Performance

  • "We are very pleased with the help provided by BSI. We are aiming for high revenue targets in a geographically diverse market, and BSI helped us translate our strategy into something that employees can actually use."
    Laurent Auguste, President and CEO, Veolia Water Americas

  • "One of the best and most practical performance measurement classes I have attended…very helpful!"
    John Rudrud, Manager of Finance and Strategic Planning, National Marrow Donor Program

  • "Fluor chose BSI based on their broad experience, their demonstration of the end result and the people we engaged with during the evaluation process. The process really bonded the team around our strategic intent. We do strategic planning every year, but this time we built a roadmap of how we will achieve our goals and how we will measure ourselves."
    Matt McSorley, Fluor Energy & Chemicals Group

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