The PuMP® Performance Measure Blueprint Certification Workshop

Course 365 - 2 Days
Price: $2,200

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Most people – whether executives, managers, strategy or performance professionals, or analysts – struggle to develop KPIs and other measurements well. This course helps participants who are working to find meaningful measures, get true buy-in to performance measurement, align measures to strategy, and use measures to drive improvement to reach targets.

Organized around the PuMP® Performance Measure Framework developed by Stacey Barr and implemented by hundreds of organizations in her native Australia and worldwide. Emphasis is on the practical steps needed to unlearn all of the bad habits that so many people have that cause them to struggle with performance measurement. 

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PuMP® Certification, offered in association with the GWU College of Professional Studies and performance measure specialist Stacey Barr, demonstrates your ability to develop performance measures that are meaningful, aligned to strategy, implemented efficiently and focused on driving performance improvement. After completing the workshop, participants can opt to take the PuMP® Certification exam online.

What Is Learned?

The PuMP® Performance Measure Blueprint Workshop is organized around a framework to redesign an organization's performance measurement process. The emphasis is on practical techniques and templates, real-life case studies, and time for participants to practice what they learn with support from experts. 

The PuMP® Partnership

This course is offered through a strategic partnership between Stacey Barr, the Performance Measure Specialist, and the Balanced Scorecard Institute. Stacey has specialized in organizational performance measurement since 1993, and this workshop is the culmination of all her most practical learning and innovations. The program reflects her innate sense of practicality, approachable communication and presentation style, and balance between the technical and social sides of performance measurement.

The Institute is the perfect vehicle to expand Stacey's program into North America. The Institute applies best practices gained from hundreds of consulting assignments and thousands of trainees in performance management and measurement, balanced scorecard, strategic planning, and change management to help executives, managers and analysts transform their organizations into “performance excellence” organizations. The Institute has certified thousands of people in over a hundred countries worldwide.

Who Should Attend

Executives, managers and other leaders set the direction and encourage the engagement of their staff in measuring and improving the right things. But they also need to be involved at the start, in setting measurable goals and designing meaningful measures. And they are also involved at the end, in interpreting and using the performance measures to prioritize improvement initiatives.

Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement Officers facilitate the entire process of creating, implementing and using more meaningful performance measures for managers and staff throughout your company or organization. They will ultimately become the masters of performance measurement, and custodians of the corporate-wide performance measurement system.

Business Analysts and Reporting Officers work within specific steps of the performance measurement process, collating and analyzing data and presenting performance information in reports. They need easy-to-follow measurement techniques that simplify what has become a very cumbersome and thankless task. They find it useful to see the end-to-end measurement process to appreciate the role they play in implementing a standardized measurement approach corporate-wide.

Project Managers, Performance Improvement Officers and Consultants use performance measurement in their day to day client work or improvement projects. They want simpler steps to save time and angst in deciding what to measure, getting the data and reporting it without fuss. 

Course Benefits

The PuMP® Blueprint Workshop is a rigorous and practical methodology that details how to:

  • Clearly communicate goals to your team so they truly understand what they are contributing to
  • Generate lots of buy-in and excitement in your team for measuring and improving performance
  • Create useful and meaningful measures of performance, that people actually use and value
  • Make lasting improvements in performance rather than putting Band-Aids on symptoms
  • Get tight alignment of measures to strategy, and not waste effort on irrelevant measures
  • Measure those intangible goals that are too important to track with trivial counts or milestones
  • Streamline your measurement and reporting process to reduce cost and effort and cycle time

By learning the PuMP® Blueprint, you get everything you need to create measures that transform your organization’s performance.

Continuing Education Units

Attendees completing this course will qualify for 2.1 CEUs through our alliance with the University of South Carolina.

Intellectual Property Note

Certification and training related to the PuMP® or the Nine Steps to SuccessTM methodology is for internal facilitation and personal use only. Any use of PuMP®, the Nine Steps to SuccessTM or other Institute intellectual property beyond internal facilitation use without a formal affiliate or associate agreement with either Stacey Barr or the Institute is prohibited.

Feedback from past participants:

"Before I attended the [PuMP®] workshop, I was reacting to requests for performance reports. With the knowledge that I have gained, I have created a report suite that shows our performance clearly at all levels of management and also at the process level. These reports are now used widely throughout the branch by the extended management team and in other areas of the company. The knowledge that I have gained though the workshop has enabled me to grow into my role as a performance measurement champion…” -- Fiona Issel, Senior Distribution Design Support Officer, Western Power

"[Institute Training] Instructors were excellent. I was very impressed with [their] attentiveness, listening skills, and patience as well as their commitment to be sure we understood. What they did was hard work, especially with such a diverse group as ours. I feel fortunate to be part of their class.
Kirk Hoewisch

“The Balanced Scorecard Institute awarded Douglas County the 2011 Award for Excellence and so much of that recognition goes to Stacey Barr and the PuMP® program. I cannot tell you how many times I bring people back to this measure design model and see it work time and time again.” -- Jerry Stigall, Director, Organization Development, Strategy, & Policy, Douglas County Government

"I cannot thank you … enough for arming and empowering us with this powerful tool. This [Institute Training] is the single most useful training I have ever had. This ... training opened a new horizon for me for a satisfying career…. you are wonderful teachers who made such a seemingly complex subject so simple, clear and easy to apply.— Elias Kedir, United Nations

“So far this [PuMP®] training has met and exceeded my expectations! I am a program evaluator by training and specialize in data visualization. I learned about this program from Stephen Few at a training of his last year and am so glad that he referred me to her. This process will enhance the work I am doing right now with my clients and help them better measure their social sector organizations' impact.” -- Veronica Smith, MSEE, Managing Director, data2insight

Hands On Training

Through case studies and a series of interactive small-group workshops, participants learn to apply PuMP® concepts to meet the challenges facing a typical organization. Exercises performed throughout this course include: 

  • Diagnosing performance issues
  • Mapping results to make strategy clear, focused and measurable 
  • Designing measures that evidence results 
  • Building buy-in organically beyond the measurement team
  • Defining and documenting how to implement measures
  • Reporting performance in a way that inspires action
  • Interpreting measurements to find true signals in the measures
  • Using measures to improve business processes 

Training Resources

The resources we give you are there to support your implementation, not just your learning:

  • A comprehensive workshop reference manual includes the workshop PowerPoint slides, examples, worksheets and checklists to help you apply what you learn throughout the workshop.
  • A case study demonstrating the full application of the PuMP® techniques, to model and inspire.
  • A CD of all the time-saving templates and tools to use with your colleagues as you involve them in performance measurement activities.
  • A bonus free membership in the online PuMP® Community, filled with extra resources to help you implement PuMP® and implement it well.

Course Outline

The PuMP Performance Measure Program Steps

The 2-day Workshop Program

Introduction – Performance measurement is a process, not an event.
We discuss the problems with performance measurement and how to solve them by thinking about performance measurement as a process.

STEP 1: PuMP Diagnostic – Fixing the focus firmly on continuous improvement.
We start off on the right foot with the PuMP® Diagnostic to help your Measures Team understand what good measurement means, and how to do it properly to avoid the most common struggles and problems.

STEP 2: Results Mapping – Making the strategy clear, focused and measurable.
We explore why it’s so hard to measure the right things, how to know if a strategy (i.e. your goals, objectives or priorities) is measurable enough, and how the PuMP® Results Mapping technique can make strategy measurable.

STEP 3: Measure Design – Choosing meaningful measures that evidence results.
We review the traditional approaches people take to selecting measures and why they fail, and then see how the PuMP® Measure Design technique produces measures that are meaningful, relevant, cost-effective and easy for people to buy-in to.

STEP 4: Measure Gallery – Organically building buy-in beyond the team.
There are some very specific reasons why people don’t buy in to performance measures which we will explore, and we’ll see how the PuMP® Measure Gallery technique can build buy-in and generate excitement for performance measurement.

STEP 5: Measure Definitions – Defining and documenting  how to implement the measures.
We talk about the causes behind why so many measures are never brought to life (i.e. never get reported or used) and how the PuMP® Measure Definition technique is so useful for specifying exactly how each measure should be implemented.

STEP 6: Performance Reporting – Creating useful & usable performance reports that inspire action.
We’ll look at why typical performance reports are next to useless, and discover how the PuMP® Report Design technique quickly and easily produces performance reports that answer the 3 questions every performance report should answer.

STEP 7: Measure Interpretation – Responding to true signals in the measures.
It’s so easy to misinterpret performance measure signals, and frighteningly, most people do. So we’ll follow the PuMP® Measure Interpretation technique to make interpretation of performance measures easier, valid and incredibly insightful.

STEP 8: Using Measures – Improving business processes to improve performance.
The role of performance measures is to improve performance more easily, quickly and economically. The PuMP® Using Measures technique shows how to use performance measures to get the highest leverage improvements.

Close – Preparing for a successful PuMP® implementation.
We’ll close the workshop by focusing on how to start implementing PuMP® to choose, create and use your first meaningful performance measures, in a way that brings quick success.

Certification Exam
The PuMP® Certification exam, administered online, has 40 questions (multiple choice or true/false pulled randomly from a larger pool of questions). There is a one hour time limit to complete the exam and results are posted immediately. A score of 75% is needed to pass.

After completing the course requirements, participants that have not already registered for the program will be given a link to register for the exam. Once participants have registered and course completion has been verified, a link for the exam and login information will be provided. Completed exams are scored automatically and both the participant and the Institute are notified immediately. Certifications will be mailed to the registration mailing address for those that pass. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

Schedule and Registration

Dates Registration Location Region
20180327Mar. 27-28 Register >> PuMP Workshop Washington, DC N. Amer.
20180604Jun. 4-6 Register >> PuMP Workshop Kampala, Uganda EMEA
20180824Aug. 24-25 Register >> PuMP Workshop Johannesburg, South Africa EMEA
20181121Nov. 21-23 Register >> PuMP Workshop Nairobi, Kenya EMEA
20181120Nov. 20-22 Register >> PuMP Workshop Lusaka, Zambia EMEA